Barnston Island I

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Barnston ferry 0570

Barnston Island sits in the Fraser River and is accessible by ferry alone.  It is part of Surrey, British Columbia and protected from development by the Agricultural Land Reserve.  Barnston roadIt’s a great place for Sunday bicycle ride as there are few cars that travel the island’s 15 mile circumference road.

Barnston golden ears 0034From Barnston you can see the Golden Ears Bridge.

Barnston from bridge 4Or, if you’re on the bridge, you can see Barnston Island.


The Greatest Adventure.

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Your greatest adventure begins in simply sitting and asking the question, “Who am I?”.

The Fort to Fort Trail IV.

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Here is a section of the Fort to Fort Trail done digitally in oils.

Ft to Ft oil2

Following is a photo showing the area just beyond where the above leaves off.

Ft to Ft 0383C

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Mystic Quotes: St. Rose of Lima.

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“Without the burden of afflictions it is impossible to reach the height of grace. The gift of grace increases as the struggles increase.”

The Fort to Fort Trail III.

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October bench 2008

Mystic Quotes: St. John of the Cross

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“I am really terrified by what passes among us in these days.  Anyone who has barely begun to meditate, if he becomes conscious of words (of this kind) during his self-recollection, pronounces them forthwith to be the work of God: and convinced that they are so, goes about proclaiming ‘God has told me this,’ or ‘I have had that answer from God.’ But all is illusion and fancy; such a one has only been speaking to himself.”

The Fort to Fort Trail II.

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Fort to Fort II

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