Barnston Island IV

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Barnston Island classic camera 0532c

Barnston bench classic camera 5 0566

Nik Collection has introduced to it’s selection of software Analog Efex Pro.    It allows you to “Explore the look and feel of classic cameras, films, and lenses.”

Above are two images of Barnston Island with the Classic Camera 7 and Classic Camera 5 filters applied as a final touch.  Here, the greens are saturated creating a richer effect.


The Path of the Human Being

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Every day we are tested in our ability to respond consciously.  Each test is an opportunity to ask ourselves, “Am I really becoming more and more conscious, or am I simply reacting, responding habitually or mindlessly?”

Dennis Genpo Merzel

Barnston Island III

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Barnston Three horses 11x14


Barnston goats 0493

The Secret Path.

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“We give no thought to the inner life.  We try to persuade ourselves that we have not a half-hour to spend sitting by the quiet well of Truth.  A moment of mental quiet is looked upon as a moment wasted.  Hence the masses are not wiser for their multitude of days.”

Paul Brunton.

Barnston Island II.

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With a name like Barnston Island you’d expect barns,

Barnston Barn 0456 lite

Barnston Barn 0449

Barnston Barn 0460

Pastel barn 064

In actuality, Barnston Island was named in 1827 for George Barnston, a clerk of the Hudson’s Bay Company.  His association with the island recognizes the island’s original inhabitants, the Katzie First Nation, who still live there today.

To Know Yourself.

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To know yourself, isolate the witness to all that appears and vanishes in this world, then recognize your identity as that point of consciousness.  When so realized, all of Space opens before you.

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