Lighthouse Park V

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UBC Ohio 1377The UBC Ohio off Eagle Point.


Being Zen

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“By continually allowing the light of awareness to shine on the confusion and anxiety of the present moment, we break the circuitry of our conditioning.  this is the slow transformative path to freedom.”

Ezra Bayda

Lighthouse Park IV

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Lighthouse Park 1534 1535Eagle Point as seen from the  East Beach Trail with West Vancouver and Cypress Mountain in the background.

Magic and Spontaneity.

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“I try when starting a record to not have too much of a concept.  I think it gets in the way of the magic — magic being those things that occur spontaneously.  If you have too much of a road map in front of you, you can sleep through the best of the spontaneity.”

Joni Mitchell

Lighthouse Park III

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Lighthouse tumblr

With a nod to Jules Verne, here is the lighthouse at the edge of the world.  Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver.

No Dualism

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“We say our practice should be without gaining ideas, without any expectations, even of enlightenment.  This does not mean, however, just to sit without any purpose.”


“For the beginner, practice without effort is not true practice.  For the beginner, the practice needs great effort.”


“But if you make your best effort just to continue your practice with your whole mind and body, without gaining ideas, then whatever you do will be true practice.  Just to continue should be your purpose.”

Shunryu Suzuki

Lighthouse Park II

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Woodpeckers 5x7 1440As simple as this photograph of two woodpeckers first seems, it is the end result of some two dozen shots taken of this baby woodpecker watching and learning from it’s parent how to collect bugs from trees.

I took the photograph while walking through Lighthouse Park.  The parent first appeared, then came the child from behind the tree.  The child jumped around while the parent pecked away.  Only two of the 20 plus shots taken came out as the rest either had one of the two out of focus or the parent’s red head lost in a blur of pecking motion.  This experience certainly gave me a much better appreciation of bird photographers.

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