Deep Cove I

April 15, 2014 § Leave a comment

Deep Cove 0048 Deep Cove pier07 Deep Cove30

Deep Cove is near Vancouver, BC and is part of the Indian Arm fjord that was formed in the last ice age.  The name refers both to the cove and its town.

Above are three photographs.  Two look down at the cove from the town’s edge while the third is at shore level.  I went there during a weekday and one of the inhabitants told me the area receives quite a lot of traffic on weekends.  Apparently it is quite the family spot with much cooking, kayaking and other family activities happening on weekends.  Too much activity, I was told, for the locals.

I also met a nice elderly woman who’s husband had passed away some months before.  She told me her daughter had insisted she come live with her at Deep Cove.  Sadly, in spite of the beauty of Deep Cove the woman wished she hadn’t moved.  She missed her old house, her friends and now felt isolated.  While we talked I wondered who the move benefited more.  The mother or her daughter?

With Canada’s aging population many will soon be facing some difficult decisions about their parents.  Let’s hope we can find a balance between their needs and ours when making those decisions.


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