Telegraph Trail III

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In the almost 150 years since work stopped on the Telegraph Trail, much of it has been renamed or grown over and forgotten. So to get from the last post’s section to the historic Telegraph Trail, I had to ride down the busy Glover Road and take a right on Rawlison Crescent.   The trail and roads have been winding downhill so now I’m slightly above level of the Fraser River to the north.

On Rawlison I might see one or two cars as I pass the “Golden Ears Farm,” a friendly horse and go under the railway bridge.

33gatea 36horse need for speed(Okay. I admit it. I photo shopped “Need for Speed’s” Ford GT into the last image.)

After the bridge, the road curves upward again where, on your right, these sights came as a surprise. Please excuse the poor quality as these were taken with just my 18-70mm lens.

47canine mules40zoo

The canine, mules and giraffes were a part of the Mountain View Conservation and Breeding Centre. The photos were taken a few years ago and since then the Centre came into some difficulties. Some of the giraffe died and there was bad press over the feeding of the canines.

As of March 11th, their Facebook page states “The Society will no longer be operating wildlife conservation & breeding programs, nor our guided educational tours. We continue to offer support to the Northern Spotted Owl Program, that is now managed by the B.C. Ministry of Lands & Forests. The Vancouver Island Marmot program will conclude this year, after 15 years of successful breeding at Mountain View.”

Irrespective of the goings on at the Centre it was, for me, quite a treat to come across it on my bicycle ride. Even more of a treat was seeing their rhino and buffalo, which due to the camera lens and distance I had to combine some photos with Painter 10 to create the following:

Rhino & buffalo



Cave in the Snow

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‘One time (a Togden) said to me: “You think we yogis are doing some very high, fantastic, esoteric practice and if only you had the teachings you also could really take off!  Let me tell you, however, that there is nothing I am doing that you have not been taught.  The only difference is that I am doing it and your aren’t.” ‘

Tenzin Palmo

Telegraph Trail II

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In 1865, the goal of Perry McDonough Collins and his partners was to build a telegraph cable line from Los Angeles through British Columbia and Alaska, then to Russia under the Bering Strait and on into Europe. It was abandoned when a cable was laid on the Atlantic floor between Newfoundland and Ireland.  Nevertheless, Collins and his team had managed to string the line from its starting point in the US up through all of BC and into Alaska before they stopped.

My bicycle trips down the Telegraph Trail more modestly starts at

Telegraph Trail sign

Where begins a nice patch of road that is notable because of it’s smoothness, intermittent buildings and lack of traffic.1troad 3houseb&w 11towerThis last building reminds me of a fort.  Maybe the landowners designed it with that in mind.

7field paintAs you continue down the sloping road you don’t need to peddle and the cars are few, so you can take in fields on the right.   And wonder, as I did, why this private residence needs a rail car?22house1 25house

Finally, some of the barns and farm animals on this stretch of the Telegraph Trail.14field 29barn 32barn32 15barn15signedFYI:  These last three barns were processed through Corel’s Painter 10 and 12.



The Book of Forgiving

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Tutu Global Forgiveness Challenge: Day 13, Grieving.


“We cannot honestly name our feelings and be in denial at the same time. Prolonged denial of pain leads us to all sorts of trouble, and even self-destruction. Many have said that at the root of almost every addict’s or alcoholic’s tragic struggle is the denial of pain.”

Desmond Tutu & Mpho Tutu

Telegraph Trail I

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Telegraph Trail 1

The heritage designation that applies to the Telegraph Trail (or Collins Overland Telegraph Line) actually applies to only 2.07 kilometres in Northwest Langley but the road is longer than that. It’s beauty lies in its dips and curves, bends and narrowness. I love riding my bicycle on all of the Telegraph Trail available to me but to ride its heritage section leaves me feeling I’ve been transported to some high plateau in B.C.’s northern interior.

Telegraph Trail 5

Horses are also a part of the heritage section.

Telegraph Trail 2

Telegraph Trail 3

As is the occasional house nestled in the trees.

Telegraph Trail 4


Genuine Happiness

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“When resting in awareness, can you see that there is no object that is awareness?  It is not a real entity.  It has no inherent identity of its own.  It is as empty and open as space itself.”

B. Alan Wallace

Deep Cove IV

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Having hiked up the Baden Trail from Deep Cove you finally come to the top of Quarry Rock.  Your first site is the city of Vancouver on the horizon.

quarry rock 84

Off to your right you can peer back to where you started your journey, the dock and boats moored at Deep Cove.

Deep Cove 0097

Looking down there are more moorings.  Just after I took this third picture an enterprising young lad scampered down these rocks to where I don’t know.  I had no desire to follow after him with my camera in hand.

Deep Cove 0094

Finally, if you time it just right, looking south you’ll see boats leaving a perfect wake for you to photograph.  A perfect end after a long hike!

Deep Cove 0085

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