Telegraph Trail II

May 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

In 1865, the goal of Perry McDonough Collins and his partners was to build a telegraph cable line from Los Angeles through British Columbia and Alaska, then to Russia under the Bering Strait and on into Europe. It was abandoned when a cable was laid on the Atlantic floor between Newfoundland and Ireland.  Nevertheless, Collins and his team had managed to string the line from its starting point in the US up through all of BC and into Alaska before they stopped.

My bicycle trips down the Telegraph Trail more modestly starts at

Telegraph Trail sign

Where begins a nice patch of road that is notable because of it’s smoothness, intermittent buildings and lack of traffic.1troad 3houseb&w 11towerThis last building reminds me of a fort.  Maybe the landowners designed it with that in mind.

7field paintAs you continue down the sloping road you don’t need to peddle and the cars are few, so you can take in fields on the right.   And wonder, as I did, why this private residence needs a rail car?22house1 25house

Finally, some of the barns and farm animals on this stretch of the Telegraph Trail.14field 29barn 32barn32 15barn15signedFYI:  These last three barns were processed through Corel’s Painter 10 and 12.




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