Telegraph Trail III

May 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

In the almost 150 years since work stopped on the Telegraph Trail, much of it has been renamed or grown over and forgotten. So to get from the last post’s section to the historic Telegraph Trail, I had to ride down the busy Glover Road and take a right on Rawlison Crescent.   The trail and roads have been winding downhill so now I’m slightly above level of the Fraser River to the north.

On Rawlison I might see one or two cars as I pass the “Golden Ears Farm,” a friendly horse and go under the railway bridge.

33gatea 36horse need for speed(Okay. I admit it. I photo shopped “Need for Speed’s” Ford GT into the last image.)

After the bridge, the road curves upward again where, on your right, these sights came as a surprise. Please excuse the poor quality as these were taken with just my 18-70mm lens.

47canine mules40zoo

The canine, mules and giraffes were a part of the Mountain View Conservation and Breeding Centre. The photos were taken a few years ago and since then the Centre came into some difficulties. Some of the giraffe died and there was bad press over the feeding of the canines.

As of March 11th, their Facebook page states “The Society will no longer be operating wildlife conservation & breeding programs, nor our guided educational tours. We continue to offer support to the Northern Spotted Owl Program, that is now managed by the B.C. Ministry of Lands & Forests. The Vancouver Island Marmot program will conclude this year, after 15 years of successful breeding at Mountain View.”

Irrespective of the goings on at the Centre it was, for me, quite a treat to come across it on my bicycle ride. Even more of a treat was seeing their rhino and buffalo, which due to the camera lens and distance I had to combine some photos with Painter 10 to create the following:

Rhino & buffalo



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