The Mighty Fraser II

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The main arm of the Fraser River at it’s mouth…

Fraser River 0364

Fraser River 0365

The North arm of the Fraser, a working river…

Fraser River 0315Fraser River 0314sea imp 0313Fraser River 0302On the north arm is an old railway bridge that forever remains open to boat traffic.Fraser River 0386

Finally, a view of the river further upstream showing its width.

Fraser River 2014B


Plotinus III

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“Above intellect, we shall meet That which is called the ‘nature of the Good’. The Good, which is transcendent over the Beautiful, is the source and essentiality of the Beautiful.  Man must amalgamate himself with the Principle that he possessth innately.  Then, from the manyness that he was, he will have become one.”


The Mighty Fraser I.

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Owl House A 0361

The Fraser River is the longest river within British Columbia.  Starting near Mount Robson in the Rocky Mountains it flows for 1,375 kilometres into the Strait of Georgia.

This post spotlights four structures that show what might be overlooked if you’re not looking for such things, beginning with an owl house, shown above, situated near the mouth of the river.

Next are two small buildings whose purpose is not known.  Perhaps they smoked salmon in these buildings?  I really can’t say.  But they are old and are too small for anyone to have lived in.

Pitt River 0039 Pitt River 0038

Finally, here is another building whose purpose is unknown to me.  It’s falling into the Pitt River, a tributary of the Fraser.

Pitt River 0020

Except for the owl house, these structures hint at times and peoples fading from the memory of the Mighty Fraser River.

Plotinus II

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“Plato saith that Unity is unspeakable and indescribable.  Nevertheless, we speak and write of it only to stir our higher natures thereby, and so direct them towards this Divine Vision, just as we might point out the road to someone who desireth to traverse it.  The teaching itself goeth only so far as is requisite to point out the Path and to guide one thereon; the attaining of the Vision is the task of each one alone who seeketh it.”

Plotinus VI. ix. 4

Chickadee Interlude

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Mom?Chickadee 1986


Chickadee 1989


Chickadee 1990

Here, dear.

Chickadee 1988

Be right back.

Chickadee 1984


Chickadee 1986


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“To attain the Good, we must ascend to the highest state, and, fixing our gaze thereon, lay aside the garments we donned when descending here below; just as, in the Mysteries, those who are admitted to penetrate into the inner recesses of the sanctuary, after having purified themselves, lay aside every garment, and advance stark naked.”

Plotinus (I. vi. 6)

Telegraph Trail IV

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Leaving the designated historic part of Telegraph Trail, as this horse and rider do,

Leaving Telegraph Trailtakes you along many isolated parts of the Fraser River Valley where other relics of the past are hidden on back roads, such as this old railway station that new owners were apparently restoring to be their home. Train StationCycling further I came across llamas and a bull that was dwarfed by Washington state’s Mt. Baker, a volcano that with the naked eye you can see steam venting where mountain reaches sky.  Oddly, though, this major steam vent never appears in any of my photographs.

Telegraph Trail llama 1

Telegraph Trail llama2

Mt Baker But I can ride only so far on a bicycle and eventually I get to the edge of Langley.  Beyond, the mountains of British Columbia beckon.

Telegraph Trail & beyondAnd I think, “If only I had a motorcycle I could just ride on forever.”

Telegraph Trail DreamingBut looking back I see I have miles to go before I sleep.  My path will now lead down from these hills I’ve climbed, across the Fraser River Valley floor, and off still further to the left, outside the frame of this last picture before I am home.Fraser ValleyI hope you enjoyed the Telegraph Trail.  In these four posts I tried to give a sense of how special I felt cycling along this bit of British Columbia history and how enjoyable this 80 kilometer ride was.  Thanks for visiting.  Enjoy all your summers!

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