Vancouver Aquarium III

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Aquarium 0441

Aquarium 0183

Aquarium 0180

Aquarium 0163

Aquarium 0263

Aquarium 0396

Aquarium 0260

Aquarium 0431


Lotus in the Fire

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“I know now with absolute certainty that the chanting and prayers we offer are a very real way of helping all beings suffering in all realms.  The karma of those in pain is such that without our help, it would take much longer for them to become free by expiating the root causes of their suffering.  In the same way that we are helped by the efforts of highly developed spiritual beings in this and other realms, we too can help other beings in the “lower realms.”  Really, it is our responsibility to help in whatever way we can.  By doing so we are repaying our debt of gratitude for all the help we are receiving and have received since the beginningless beginning.”

Jim Bedard, Lotus in the Fire: The Healing Power of Zen.

Vancouver Aquarium II

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Aquarium 0224bAquarium 0210Aquarium 0225 Aquarium 0250

The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation

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“It is, therefore, folly to rebel against enemies.  The right course to pursue is to transmute enemies into friends, by the all-conquering power of divine love.  As the Buddha teaches, the more there is of hatred from others, the more should there be of love from the hated.  Until mankind practice such wisdom as that set forth in the Sermon on the Mount, they will, by returning hatred for hatred rather than by returning love for hatred, continue to be fettered to Ignorance, and incessantly sow and harvest hatred, revenge, unbrotherliness, and war.”

from a footnote by the books editor, W. Y. Evans-Wentz.

Vancouver Aquarium I

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Aquarium 0128 Aquarium 0130 Aquarium 0132 Aquarium vignette 0133

The Persian Mystics

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All that is not One must ever
Suffer with the wound of Absence,
And whoever in Loves’ city
Enters, finds but room for One
And but in One-ness, Union.

The Persian Mystics, Jalalu’d-Din Rumi

Siwash Rock IV

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Siwash Rock is one of the more popular sights along the Stanley Park Seawall and one of the more photographed ones.  In the last of this series of posts on it is, first, it as viewed from the south, second, my attempt to show it at sunset and, lastly with an eagle flyby.  Hope you enjoyed the Siwash Rock Posts.

Siwash Rock 0088


Siwash Rock 0085


Siwash Eagle 2012

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