Canada Place II

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Canada Place 1174

Above is a digital painting with the Double Decker, a cruise ship and the Vancouver skyline framing Canada Place.  Below, the US icebreaker, the Polar Sea, moored at Canada Place.  The Seabus is beside it making it’s way from North Vancouver to Vancouver.

Polar Sea Bus 056_058


Winter Song.

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The browns, the olives, and the yellows died,
And were swept up to heaven; where they glowed
Each dawn and set of sun till Christmastide,
And when the land lay pale for them, pale-snowed,
Fell back, and down the snow-drifts flamed and flowed.


From off your face, into the winds of winter,
The sun-brown and the summer-gold are blowing;
But they shall gleam with spiritual glinter,
When paler beauty on your brows falls snowing,
And through those snows my looks shall be soft-going.

Wilfred Owen

Canada Place Cruise Ships

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Silver Shadow 1165

The Canada Place Cruise Ship Terminal welcomes 900,000 passengers each year.  Although you wouldn’t know it by looking at these cruise ship balconies!

Ship balconies 0070 Silver Shadow tumblr

Or by the deck chairs!

deck chairs 0110 Deck Chairs 0105

Behind the portholes, maybe?

Cabin Window 0072 Cabin Window 0106

Guess they’re all asleep.


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This is a matter for strong people. People who do not discern what is being asked give replies depending on what comes up. They do not know it is something you ask yourself — to whom would you answer? When people do not understand an answer, they produce views based on words. They do not know it is something you answer for yourself — what truth have you found, and where does it lead? Therefore it is said, ‘It’s all you.’ Look! Look!

Zen Master Foyan (1067-1120)

Canada Place

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Canada Place 1175cp

Vancouver’s Canada Place opened in 1986.  Shown here is a typical summer’s day at the north end of the site that plays host to cruise ships in the summer, hosts Canada Day events on July 1st and all manner of other community events such as the annual collecting of Christmas presents for those in need.

to end terrorism

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And all shall be well and

All manner of things shall be well

When the tongues of flame are infolded

Into the crowned knot of fire

And the fire and the rose are one.

last five lines of T. E. Eliot’s, “The Four Quartets”.

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