Tulips & Willows

March 31, 2015 § 2 Comments

As spring marches into April the Tulips have begun to bloom,

Tulips 1139

And willows have turned green and yellow.

Willow 0754a

Willow 240B


Without Words, Without Silence

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“I always remember spring-time in southern China. The birds sing among innumerable kinds of fragrant flowers.”

Such was Fuketsu’s response to a monk’s question, “Without speaking, without silence, how can you express the truth?”

Mumon’s comment on this, the 24th koan in The Gateless Gate, said that Fuketsu’s response “only borrowed from an old Chinese poem.”  Though I looked for it, I could not find the original poem which may have been lost to history.  Still.  I like the image of spring it portrays as today I saw two woodpeckers.  They were not singing but pecking rather intensely, the male on a tree and the female on a metal street lamp!  What spring does to the senses.

Cherry Blossoms and Magnolias

March 25, 2015 § Leave a comment

While spring officially came only a few days ago, in Vancouver, BC, it came in mid-February.  Here I return to that theme after my short foray in my last photographic post into the world of the heron.

Cherry Blossoms 0026

Cherry Blossoms 0023

magnolias 0033

Magnolias 0034


The Soul’s Over-Ardent Love

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Love, that art Charity,
Why has Thou hurt me so?
My heart is smote in two,
And burns with ardent love,
Glowing and flaming; refuge finding none,
My heart is fettered fast, it cannot flee;
It is consumed, like wax set in the sun;
Living, yet dying, swooning passionately,
It prays for strength a little way to run,
Yet in this furnace must it bide and be:
Where am I led, ah me!

I once could speak, but now my lips are dumb;
My eyes are blind, although I once could see:
In this abyss my soul is stark and numb,
Silent I speak; cling, yet am held by Thee:
Falling, I rise; I go, and yet I come;
Pursue, and am pursued; I am bound yet free;
O Love that whelmeth me!
Maddened I cry:
‘Why must I die,
They fiery strength to prove?’

Love, Love, of naught but Love my tongue can sing,
Thy wounded Hand hath pierced my heart so deep:
Love, Love, with Thee made one, to Thee I cling,
Upon Thy breast, let me sleep;
Love, Love, with Love my heart is perishing;
Love, like an Eagle snatching me Thy sleep,
For Thee I swoon, I weep,
Love, let me be,
By courtesy,
Thine own in death. . .

Jacopone da Todi, 1230 – 25 December 1306

Heron Cam at Stanley Park

March 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

Heron 3

With spring comes the Herons nesting at Stanley Park.  This year the City of Vancouver has set up a Heron Cam for people to view them as they nest.  Lest anyone come across this blog in the years to come and click on the link, I shall mention now that the cam is set up for March 2015.

Heron 0038

Heron 2

Herons are considered “at risk” so the Heron Cam is meant to educate the public.  When I was at the Park photographing these birds the local ranger told me that the bottom of the trees were fenced off because, as the eggs hatch and the baby herons mature, they occasionally fall out of the nest.  As these are big birds the fencing was needed to prevent humans from getting hit!

heron 4

A Hitomaro waka.

March 19, 2015 § Leave a comment

Dimly, dimly, in the morning mist

that lies over Akashi Bay,

my longings accompany the ship

vanishing behind the distant isles.

Kakimoto Hitomaro

Cherry Blossoms at Burrard Station

March 12, 2015 § 1 Comment

Arguably one of the most photographed locations during the spring is the Burrard Station when the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom.

Cherry Blossoms 0284

I understand the pink blossoms belong to the Akebono cherry trees.

Cherry Blossoms 0263

Interestingly, the fellow facing the camera looks a lot like I did in years past.

Cherry Blossoms 0267 B

But lest you think Burrard Station is out of the city, think again.

Cherry Blossoms 0288 A

Burrard Station is in the heart of downtown Vancouver.


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