Digital Landscape Painting 0127

April 14, 2015 § Leave a comment

Thought I’d share a digital painting done with Topaz, a program I’ve been experimenting with.  They’ve recently added Topaz Impression to their collection which enables you to process a photograph as a painting.  Of course, if you want to get the full effect you have to process the photo with Photoshop, adding texture layers, contrast, saturation, etc., before running it through Topaz.

In this digital painting I combined two rather nondescript photos of a pond and a tree, then ran it through Topaz Impression.  I ran it through about five times using different painting effects, each time placing the result as a layer over the processed image in Photoshop.  I set the blending mode for each layer to selectively bring out only parts of it before adding the next layer from Topaz.  This way I could keep what I liked about each layer as I developed the image.

Not saying this is my best effort, but wanted to give you a look at what one can do with photos that would otherwise be discarded.

Landscape 0127


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