VE Day, 70 Years later, pt. 2

May 6, 2015 § Leave a comment

As it is still the week that commemorates Victory in Europe, seventy years later, I thought I’d add another post on my parents.

After marrying my mother dad returned to England to wait for his official discharge which came on October 18, 1946.

Canadian Army

He returned to Canada before my mother who was one of the many war brides who sailed to her new country on the Cunard White Star S.S. Scythia.  Here is a postcard of that liner that I found in the house.

Cunard White Star SS Scythia

According to Wikipedia the Scythia took troops to Europe during WWII and many war brides to Canada after the war.  She was launched on March 23, 1920 and scrapped on January 23, 1958.  During the war on November 23, 1942 she was hit by an aerial torpedo but managed to make port in Algiers after suffering only 5 casualties out of a ship’s complement of 4,300 men.

I wonder at the string of the number “23” in this ships history especially as my mother said that the Scythia transported her to Pier 23 at Halifax, Nova Scotia when she came to Canada to join my father.

Dad had already made his way across Canada to Richmond, British Columbia by the time mom arrived at Halifax.  I only know this because of the below CNR Baggage Check which was also found among my parents things in their closet.

Baggage check

I’ll wrap this post up but as it is Mother’s Day this Sunday I thought I’d give you a picture of my mother with her first born son, Philemon, who, sadly, passed away in his mid-thirties.

Mother & Child9x15A



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