Who Were They?

May 29, 2015 § 2 Comments

The old family albums contain photographs of people whose identity have been lost in time.  Were they friends of the family?  Family?  I don’t know.

In this first photo probably taken in the 1940’s a girl sits at a desk, a flower in her hair. Is that a pen in her hand?  It tapers off at one end suggesting an old style pen but there’s no ink bottle to dip it in.  Considering the probably time in history this girl posed while her country, Belgium, was occupied by Nazi Germany.

Girl at desk

This next photo may not show up too well but I find the woman and her dress quite interesting.  She was looking down when the camera clicked as if she was remembering something sad or painful.  Or maybe that’s how one looks when their life has been hard.  Once again, I don’t know who she is.  I assume it was taken in Belgium but can’t be sure.

Woman's portrait

The writing at the bottom of this one tells me it was taken in 1946.  That’s my father on the left proudly displaying his Canadian forces uniform as is the fellow on the right.  I don’t know who that other soldier is and am not sure of the woman.  Though she looks vaguely like my mother I don’t think it is.

two soldiers and a woman

There is a WordPress site called “Who Were They?” that, to quote the site, “looks at vintage photos to try to catch a glimpse of those who came before us, primarily focusing on the 19th century but delving into the 20th century at times.”  Interested viewers can access via the link I provided on it’s name that will open a new window.

Thanks for the visit!


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