Lavender Rhododendron

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Rhods 0029 signed

Yet another digital painting by yours truly.  And a poem by Ryokan, to boot!

My legacy —
What will it be?
Flowers in spring,
The cuckoo in summer,
And the crimson maples
Of autumn…


Short Zen Poem by Ryokan

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The wind has settled, the blossoms have fallen;
Birds sing, the mountains grow dark –
This is the wondrous power of Buddhism.


Tell Them Now

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It’s Father’s Day in Canada this June 21st and there’s a 3 minute, 6 second video on Youtube from the Echo Storytelling Agency that reminds you to tell them now…

Tell them now 1

…while you still can.

Tell them now 2

Here’s the link.  Tell Them Now.


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Rhododendron signed

The Finding

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Now have I seen Thee and found Thee,
For Thou hast found Thy sheep;
I fled, but Thy love would follow–
I strayed, but Thy grace would keep.
Thou hast granted my heart’s desire–
Most blest of the blessed is he
Who findeth no rest and no sweetness
Till he rests, O Lord, in Thee.


O Lord, Thou seest, Thou knowest,
That to none my heart can tell
The joy and the love and the sorrow,
The tale that my heart knows well.
But to Thee, O my God, I can tell it–
To Thee, and to Thee, Lord, alone;
For Thy heart my heart hath a language,
For other hearts it hath none.


In the wide world, speechless and lonely,
For me is no heart but Thine;
Lord, since I must love Thee only,
Oh reveal Thy heart to mine.
“Wouldst thou know My glory, beloved?
Know Me, the great I AM?
First must thine eyes behold Me,
The slain and the stricken Lamb.


“My visage so marred more than any,
My form than the sons of men;
Yet to the heart I have won Me,
I am the fairest then.
Thou knowest the sun by his glory–
Thou knowest the rose by her breath,
Thou knowest the fire by its glowing–
Thou knowest My love by death.


“Wouldst thou know in My great creation
Where the rays of My glory meet?
Where to My awful righteousness
The kiss of My peace is sweet?
Where shine forth the wisdom and wonder
Of God’s everlasting plan?
Behold on the cross of dishonour
A cursed and a dying Man.”

Henry Suso (1295-1366)

Gemini 4, 50th Anniversary of Space Walk

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Revell Gemini

Edward White held only a maneuvering gun in his hand as he stepped out of his Gemini 4 spacecraft on June 3, 1965 to become the first American to walk in space.

As I remember, the gun quickly ran out of gas reducing his ability to maneuver to twists and turns of his body as he pulled on the 8 meter tether that connected him to Gemini 4.  Although we like to think NASA had every contingency planned in advance, I once heard that his fellow astronaut James McDivitt had concerns about the spacewalk.  Where the two men sat was hardly bigger than a phone booth and McDivitt had to stay strapped in his seat.  He worried that if something happened, he’d have no way to bring an unconscious White back into the spacecraft and would have to leave him in space.

White was able to get back into Gemini 4 and both men successfully returned to Earth.  Sadly, however, Ed White passed away in the Apollo fire of January 27, 1967, barely two years after his historic walk in space.

The picture shown above is from the top of the model kit that Revell sold in the sixties.  The model first sold was taken from early designs of the Gemini spacecraft and so was not the actual, final Gemini design.  The picture shows the fuel cells and other mechanisms in the back third section even though in space that section would actually be covered with gold foil.  The middle section has the retro rockets to slow the craft so it could re-enter Earth’s atmosphere.

I did try to discover the name of the artist who made the picture.  The artist’s name is on the cover top but I can’t make it out.  Otherwise I would give him or her full credit for such a marvelous cover painting.  A cover that’s been hanging on my wall for almost 50 years

A Song for all Indian Residential School Survivors

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I’ve been burning and yearning

     for all of these years

I’ve been falling through darkness and

     choking back tears

I’ve been wondering if I was to make it,

     if I would survive.


I’ve been stumbling though blunders

     and hating myself

I’ve been blaming the others and everyone else

I’ve been raging for reasons

     that I do not care to confide.


I did not see the gifts that were given to me

Oh I took my position so seriously

And the hate that I pushed you away

     with left me alone.


How I nurtured my feelings of separateness

How I cursed blameless people in my wilderness

I was lost in the darkness

     and now it’s my time to confide


That I, yes I am the light.


To the four-legged creatures around us on earth

To the birds and the fishes: to the dirt

To the air that I breathe

     and the colour blue of the sky.


Can you fathom the wonders

     surrounding us now?

There are so many questions

     and answers abound.


Aren’t you glad that you’re with us today, that

     you’re alive?


For you and I are the light

For I, yes I am the light.


“The Light” by Eden Fine Day        (Youtube link)

From the CD “Things Get Better”

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