Autumn Haiku 2

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Autumn Walk 1029 B

Seamlessly blending

Memories with autumn leaves

She buttons her coat.


Harvest Haiku

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October bench 2008

Orange sunrise, orange leaves

A harvest moon in the west

Autumn settles in.

Haiku: Beneath the Leaves

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Autumn Jogger Cafepress

Summer ends quickly

As my joy turns to sorrow

Here, beneath the leaves.

The Autumn Moon

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The Autumn Moon 2

The moon appears in every season, it is true,
But surely it’s best in fall.


In autumn, mountains loom and water runs clear.
A brilliant disk floats across the infinite sky,
And there is no sense of light and darkness,
For everything is permeated with its presence.


The boundless sky above, the autumn chill on my face.
I take my precious staff and wander about the hills.
Not a speck of the world’s dust anywhere,
Just the brilliant beams of moonlight.


I hope others, too, are gazing on this moon tonight,
And that it’s illuminating all kinds of people.
Autumn after autumn, the moonlight comes and goes;
Human beings will gaze upon it for eternity.


The sermons of Buddha, the preaching of Eno,
Surely occurred under the same kind of moon.


I contemplate the moon through the night,
As the stream settles, and white dew descends.
Which wayfarer will bask in the moonlight longest?
Whose home will drink up the most moonbeams?


The Autumn Moon, By Ryokan

English version by John Stevens
Original Language Japanese

Student Haiku

October 6, 2015 § Leave a comment

Young and studeous

Young and studious

Eager minds ready to learn.

Youth is not wasted.

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