Happy 2017!

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Moonlight Haiku

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Blue shadow on white

Each step an ice adventure

On this moonlit eve

Howe St Haiku

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Howe & Granville 0116

Grey buildings, dark streets

Young and innocent on Howe

Rain about to fall

Emptiness Haiku

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After the rain 0082 Tum

Empty lungs crave air

Arid soil soaks up rain

Emptiness needs life

Happy 2016

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Happy 2016 painting 2nd final

With every New Year

Your task is set before you.

Love with all your heart!

Cherry Blossoms at Burrard Station

March 12, 2015 § 1 Comment

Arguably one of the most photographed locations during the spring is the Burrard Station when the Cherry Blossoms are in bloom.

Cherry Blossoms 0284

I understand the pink blossoms belong to the Akebono cherry trees.

Cherry Blossoms 0263

Interestingly, the fellow facing the camera looks a lot like I did in years past.

Cherry Blossoms 0267 B

But lest you think Burrard Station is out of the city, think again.

Cherry Blossoms 0288 A

Burrard Station is in the heart of downtown Vancouver.


Vancouver Convention Centre III

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Adjacent to the West building of the Vancouver Convention Centre is the Jack Poole Plaza, named in honour of Jack Poole, who was responsible for securing the bid of the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Paralympics to Vancouver.

On the Plaza is the 2010 Olympic Flame that, due to cost concerns, only has it’s flame lit on special occasions.

Night Flame

Above is a night version and below the flame lit for the 2010 ParaOlympics.

Paralympic Flame 3

And here is a section of the West Building as seen from the Plaza.

night windows

Finally, two more versions of the Olympic Flame.

Olympic Flame 0011tone Olympic dawn

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