Hope-Princeton Highway Postcard

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Found this old postcard from 1962.

On the back it reads,


“An effective warning at the site of an extensive burned area which contrasts sharply with the magnificent British Columbia forests elsewhere along the highway.”

Considering this months massive number of forest fires in the province, I’m lead to believe that the warning wasn’t very effective.


A Jazz Valentines

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“As Time Goes By”

I think about

“All the Things You Are”



“’S wonderful! ‘S marvelous”


There’s no one

“Exactly Like You”

You are

“Somethin’ Else”

“The Birth of Cool”


“Till There Was You”

I was, “Kind of Blue”

But now

“The Very Thought Of You”

Makes me say

“What A Wonderful World”

Happy New Year! 2018

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Happy 2017!

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Visions of St Nick in Action

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

Above is the cover of a diorama Christmas book published in 1950 by Phillips Publishers, Inc. The editor is Louise Dyer Harris. The actual book opens so that the front and back cover can be joined, leaving the images inside open as dioramas.  Of course, they appear here in 2 dimensions, so you will have to imagine the three layers the images open up as.

The book is now 66 years old and shows the effect of time. I photo shopped them to remove some of the imperfections and added an old frame effect to help make their presentation more pleasing.

This book decorated my family home when I was growing up and is one of my favorite Christmas time memories. I hope you enjoy this nostalgic look at the past. It is a far cry from today’s 3D printers, now being used to make Christmas decorations!


Santa’s Castle at the North Pole

Children dream at Christmas

Of Teddy Bears that talk

And wake them from their sleeping

To take a magic walk.


Santa’s Workshop

Visions of old Santa

Fill each Sleepy Head, —

Dolls and elves and engines

And sailboats painted red.


St. Nick and his Reindeer

Who can that be coming?

Reindeer and a sleigh

Dashing over roof-tops!

St. Nick is on his way!


St. Nick’s Visit

Children dream and hope

For Christmas trees and fun,

Candy and surprises

And gifts for everyone.


Tired Santa Back Home

They dream of good old Santa,

A talking Teddy Bear,

Till, waking up, it Christmas!

It’s Christmas everywhere!


October Haiku II

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Clear October night

Dew drops dancing in the wind

Unbounded moonlight

Derby Haiku

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Derby Hat

Kentucky Derby

Winners and also-rans spent

Hats covered with mud.

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