Happy New Year! 2018

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Happy 2017!

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Moonlight Haiku

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Blue shadow on white

Each step an ice adventure

On this moonlit eve

Howe St Haiku

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Howe & Granville 0116

Grey buildings, dark streets

Young and innocent on Howe

Rain about to fall

Heron Cam at Stanley Park

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Heron 3

With spring comes the Herons nesting at Stanley Park.  This year the City of Vancouver has set up a Heron Cam for people to view them as they nest.  Lest anyone come across this blog in the years to come and click on the link, I shall mention now that the cam is set up for March 2015.

Heron 0038

Heron 2

Herons are considered “at risk” so the Heron Cam is meant to educate the public.  When I was at the Park photographing these birds the local ranger told me that the bottom of the trees were fenced off because, as the eggs hatch and the baby herons mature, they occasionally fall out of the nest.  As these are big birds the fencing was needed to prevent humans from getting hit!

heron 4

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