December 22, 2014 § 3 Comments

Located in Vancouver, BC, the Shangri-la is the tallest building in the city, although you wouldn’t know it from the below photo where it seems dwarfed by two other structures.

Red Motocycle731bw

The bottom 15 floors are a hotel and the upper 47 floors are some of the most expensive condos you can buy in BC.

Shangra la 1123

At its base grows bamboo.

Shangra-La and bamboo

The Vancouver Art Gallery also displays some works outside the Shangri-li.  Next is another shot looking up from inside one of the pieces erected by the Gallery.

Shangra-La and wood

Here’s a shot inside the wooden structure.

Shangra-La art 35

And here’s another work placed outside the Shangri-la some years ago.  This one was done by artist Ken Lum.

shangri la houses_0001

And a shot of winter in Shangri-la where the Japanese Maples survive amid the pond.

Shangra-La 0041A

That’s all for now!




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§ 3 Responses to Shangri-la

  • Moritz says:

    Very nice shots. It’s nice to see that luxury hotels at most times are located in stunning buildings 🙂

    • Al Williams says:

      Thank you. Yes. The Shangri-la is quite the building. I watched its construction from my office window from when they dug the foundation to its top finish, though by then I had to lean against the window and strain to look up.

      • Moritz says:

        It’s very nice to see that you had the chance to follow the complete process of building. That makes taking shots of the finished building even more amazing!

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